I received a phone call saying that you're gone. I laughed and tears cascading through my cheeks inevitably. I did not expect the tears, but I cried even harder the next moment. It was few years ago, the memories are vaguely alive. You had been there with me when I'm mousy of the ghost, when I'm having hard times dealing with my homework, when I'm in limbo physically and emotionally. The moment I have with you are so little, but I won't forget the moment when you know how to go for loo hygienically, when you meowing from the upstairs whenever you heard the car's alarm signaled that I am back to save you from starving, the moment I realized how much you love bath, obviously, every second when I'm with you . Sorry for letting you having a harsh life at the hometown. There, you live independently, you save yourself from starving yourself. That is the life as the village cat. You was a stray cat when you are little, but I'm so proud of you that you managed to live by yourself when you get left at the village. If  I take the responsibility to take care of you seriously, you probably won't end up there. No matter how harsh the condition there, you managed to built a family, your child came visit me previous year but I don't remember how its look like. It evades from my vision after I managed took a glance on it. You suffered at my grandmother's lap because you ate rat poison, that was the reason of why I laugh initially. How can a cat consume a rat poison? For the next moment I was wondering of how was your feeling that time, and that lead the tears flowing. Its been years, but whenever I look at the sky I thought of you. I don't know what is your thought about me, but I am in sorrow every time I think about you, don't worry ,it is the positive kind of sorrow. I gained motivational whenever I look at the sky, maybe that's the reason of why I love sky so much! Hope you are well over there. I will be well too :)



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